VIDEO: Swimwear for your bodytype

Swimwear for your body type

Bodytype: Pear

You have a fuller bottom half in relation to a more petite top half. You could be described as someone with a little ‘junk in your trunk’. What to look for: Balance out this silhouette with details along the neckline like halter, deep v or one-shoulder styles. Keep the attention away from your fuller lower half with bottoms that are solid colours. Old Navy Bikini Top Crochet Zig-Zag Bikinis, $23; Mix & Match Bikini Bottoms, $18. Old Navy Bodytype: Apple You have a larger midsection and tend to carry your weight up top. You typically have more narrow hips and thighs. What to look for: Keep the focus up top with detailed necklines that have hardware or embellishment. Use bold prints like florals, stripes and chevrons to camouflage a heavier midsection. Old Navy BIKINI Mix & Match Ruffle Tankini Tops, $23; Polka Dot Bottom, $23.  Old Navy Bodytype: Athletic You have a straight shape with narrow hips and thighs and tend to have minimal definition around the waist. You have great arms and shoulders and a small to medium size bust. What to look for: Give the illusion of a fuller hip and defined waist with embellishment—look for ruffles, buttons and side ties that will add shape to a straight figure Boyshort bottoms are also a sporty option that give the appearance of a little extra on the backside. old navy bikini Printed Ruffle-Bandeau Bikini Sets, $23.  Old Navy Bodytype: Hourglass You have a full chest and hips with a small defined waist. Your curves give you a classically feminine shape. What to look for: Play up your best feature—your waist. Go with styles that emphasize your smallest part like stripes or prints that cinch in at the waist. Avoid side ties or detailing on your bottoms that tend to widen the silhouette, instead opt for a higher cut brief in your favourite colour. old navy stripe swimsuit Yellow stripe swimsuit, $35.  Old Navy

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